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Join Our Community of Action

  • At PEN-CIS, this is exactly our mission: working with our member companies to drive action on the ground. Together, we identify the most promising projects for connecting startups and corporate venture capital and invest hundreds of millions of dollars into these opportunities. Our goal, always, is to demonstrate and de-risk new ideas that are economically self-sustaining and can be scaled and replicated by others.

  • Through deep involvement in our work, member companies can expect to:

  • Deliver impact on the ground - Today, the Alliance has diverse projects in development. Our members shape where and how we develop these projects.

  • Meet ambitious pledges and commitments - Recognising the rising pressure to operate on a sustainable basis, companies are making bold pledges. But without collective action to drive systems change, companies will struggle to honour these public commitments, and face reputational damage.

  • Join a platform for leadership & learning

  • Sustainability is evolving rapidly. The Alliance is a platform for learning from the best, as well as seeding new ideas with peers. This platform operates at two levels:

1) Our Board: A community of world leading CVCs

2) Our Expert Groups: Communities of leading practitioners

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