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2024 PEN Corporate Innovation Summit

DATE: January 14th, 2024

VENUE: Los Altos Golf & Country Club (Los Altos City in Silicon Valley)

  • Field Experience - Participants will be invited to share investment strategies and portfolio startups of our partners. With PEN Ventures, we partner with the best local and international CVCs, VCs, and ACs to bridge and boost opportunities in the startup ecosystem that can add value to the acceleration of corporate innovation. We will meet with and visit some of the top 50 Korean CVCs including Samsung, LG, Hyundai, SK, IBK, and KT, and examine approaches for enhancing corporate innovation at the international level.

  • Speeches/Panel Talks - We aim to open a venue of communication in various fields, all with the common goal of furthering corporate innovation. Our talks are prepared in a range from deep tech implementation strategies to corporate education, and we have invited the best in each respective field as panels. We understand corporate innovation stems from more than technology development or employee training, and we are prepared to discuss it with you all.

[파란색] 수정예정!!

  • IR Spotlight - At PEN Ventures, we have our own forum (Tech Founders Club, TFC) standing to initiate connections in the startup ecosystem. We have selected the most outstanding startups among our DIPS 1000+, K-Unicorn, and TFC pool for this IR Pitching spotlight. Not just the startups, but key participating CVCs will also take part in Reverse IR Pitching sessions that will empower a network-rich environment for global innovation.

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  • Jan 14th Sun. 

- Startup Pitching: Evaluator

- Reverse Pitching: 10-minute introduction of your organization and investment thesis

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